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NLIS Stock Agents

The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) is Australia's system for identifying and tracking beef and dairy cattle, sheep and goats.

Stock agents play a major role in the NLIS, being the link between government, industry, and the producer. This page is designed to provide accurate and up to date information to agents on the requirements and benefits of the NLIS.

Guide for Agents Conducting Onfarm Auctions of NLIS Identified Cattle

Forms for agents

F2-18 Application and Permit to dispatch cattle without NLIS tags

F2-31 Application for Victoria's Property Identification Code Register

F2-09 Application for Stock Agent Identification Code

F2-01 Application for Breeder Post Breeder Tags

F2-02 Cattle Transaction Tag Order Form

F2-06 Application for a Livestock Property Identification Code (PIC)

F2-34 Application for Pig Identification Ear Tags

F2-33 Application for a Pig Tattoo Brand

F2-19 Order Form for NLIS Endorsed Devices for Cattle

F2-17 Application form for Saleyard Post-Breeder Tags


Code for the Operation of the NLIS in Victoria

Your guide to Victoria's cattle identification legislation

Your guide to Victoria's sheep and goat identification legislation

More Brochures - Cattle

More Brochures - Sheep

Links of interest (external links)

NLIS Database Login

Meat and Livestock Australia - NVD & LPA

Meat and Livestock Australia - NLIS Ltd Information

Sheep CRC

Hardware and software providers (external links)

Allflex Australia

Sapien Technologies

Livestock Exchange

Interstate requirements

Requirements for interstate movement of livestock vary between the states. To find out current requirements for the state you are intending to sell or market cattle into, please refer to each state website.

New South Wales DPI

Tasmania DPIW

Western Australia DAFWA

Northern Territory DPI

South Australia PIRSA

Queensland DPIF

NLIS Queries in Victoria

For the NLIS in Victoria call the DPI's toll free NLIS Helpline on 1800 678 779 during business hours